Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cipanas Garut

Hot Water Pool in Garut

Kolam Air Panas

Have you ever visit Hot Water Pool? If that so, you have to try this one! Where is it? This place is called Cipanas Garut, or Hot Water in Garut. That name is taken from it's place, in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. Taman Air Sabda Alam... it's usualy called.

This hot water is came from a Guntur Mountain that flow really natural hot water. Even it take place in small town, it has a good perform in water games. Just like the other place, it has many water game's fun like: Waterboom, Sunway Lagoon, Water Slide, etc. The tickets are really cheap. Anyone can be the visitors. It costs about 2 dollar or only 25000 rupiahs.


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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih

White Caldera

Still in south Bandung, not far from the Patengan Lake, you can find the great white caldera which local named "Kawah Putih." It locate in Patuha Mountain. Just like the other tourism, Kawah Putih have a mistery legend. Local civilliant belief, long time ago... The spirits have using that place for the meeting. Also.... the bird who has flight around that place, will be died soon. Mystical story belief for next generation until nowadays.

At that time, precisely in 1837. A scientist from Holland, Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun break that mystic. He is a botanist also who love natural things. That time, Patuha Mountain still become a jungle. The trees growth with local woods, like: rasamala, saninten, huru, samida, etc.

At first, Junghuhn didn't believe easily what the story told about. Junghuhn has found Kawah Putih deep inside the jungle in hard way. Finally he found a great place contains much sulfur. Might be that the reason, why the birds didn't want to fly over there. But the environment suround it, really great to see.


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Monday, March 30, 2009

Patengan Lake

Go to the south of Bandung City. There's one more water tourism in Bandung that most popular also. The name is Patengan Lake. Also peoples named it, Patenggang Lake or Situ Patenggang. It placed in South Bandung, Ciwidey exactly. Along journey to the location, we can enjoy tea plantation. Along way, as long as you can see... there are green everywhere.

There are romantic legend to that lake. Anyone who came, mostly curious about this legend, especially for younger ones. Couples like to visit Asmara Island (Pulau Asmara) dan Love Stone (Batu Cinta) to prove their endless love. To go there, you have to cross other side of the lake. But don't worry! There are many boat to hire. The water is so calm, with hanging mist over it. Great illustrate to show, great masterpiece that god ever made.

You'll always miss to go there again and again. Spread lake, fresh air, cool environtment, will lose our stress and such a boring thing.

Hungry? Don't worry! Many foods and beverages are sold there. It prefers you bring those from home. Just like a picnic, You can buy some souvenirs too. Bring it home, share to families or friends, so... the memories won't be last forever.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waterfall In Bandung Indonesia

Indonesia is one of many country that has so many interesting place to visit. Waterfall is one of the most popular place to go. There is waterfall that call "Curug Omas." Curug Omas was established in Bandung City where exactly is in Maribaya, Lembang. Fresh air, great nature, and beautifull waterfall, will be offer when we get there. This waterfall has 30 m height. What a great waterfall you've ever found. Even it's not as high as Niagara falls, but it's worth so much fun to enjoy.